Okay, I didn’t see that coming, not such a comprehensive belting anyway.

On a more positive note, the Day 2 Breakfast put on by the Women of the MCC was another raging success. Congratulations to all involved.

Justin Langer entertained us with an animated presentation after poet Rupert McCall got us all in the mood with his “Tale of the Bail” poem. Marvellous stuff that.

The Breakfast is all about celebrating the magnificent contribution women make to the game of cricket. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kristen Beams, right arm leg spin bowler for Vic Spirit. She’s going to teach me to bowl leg spin so I can get my own TV show. Hooray!

I also had a chat on stage to former Australian player Mel Jones who really should be in the Channel 9 Commentary Box.

And the money raised on the morning went to supporting the Australian Paralympic team’s pre-2012 training camps.

I have nothing to report on the Richie Benaud front. Perhaps next year he’ll surprise me by jumping out of my birthday cake. I won’t give up!

Angela Pippos, Paul Sheahan, Justin Langer and Clare Cannon Angela Pippos and Justin Langer Angela Pippos and Mel Jones

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