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Archivist Media made this video about what drives me to be a strong voice advocating for women in sport. Enjoy!

Angela Pippos – Being The Change You Wish For The World from Archivist Media on Vimeo.

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VENUE: Wheeler Centre

He has interviewed everyone from President George Bush Snr to Sir Edmund Hillary to every Australian Prime Minister since Gough Whitlam. He is also a popular after-dinner speaker and the only Wallaby sent from the field against the All Blacks — unjustly, he swears.

In conversation with Angela Pippos about his book, A Simpler Time, Peter speaks candidly about lost love, the death of his mother, and his attempts to resist This Is Your Life.


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DATE: 23/07/2010
VENUE: Wheeler Centre

“Sometimes it can feel that we hold our sporting stars to unreasonable standards. After all, if they can kick a ball or run and generally behave themselves in the sporting arena shouldn’t that be the only code of practice that matters? But sports stories in the news are as often about appropriate behaviour outside the sport as they are about medals and premierships.”

Chaired by sporting journalist Angela Pippos, our panel of experts – featuring Gerard Whateley, Lisa Forrest and Joel Bowden – tackles the knotty issues of ethics in contemporary sport: touching subjects such as Melbourne Storm’s violation of the rugby salary cap, performance enhancing drugs, sex and race discrimination, and media responsibility. Clearly, it’s all much more than a game.


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